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Engagement makeup photos are more popular than ever as a way to immortalize one of the most important moments in your life. With no end of creative possibilities, engagement photos can capture your personality and love in a way you’ll cherish for the rest of your life with your partner – and show off on Instagram! It goes without saying that you’ll want to look your absolute best in your engagement pictures, and one surefire way to guarantee you will is by hiring a professional makeup artist who can make your dreams come true by playing up your best features in a way that complements you setting and theme.

Long Island Engagement Makeup Artist

Ideas for engagement photo shoots are as varied as the couples featured in them. They can be classic, romantic, and timeless, quirky and light-hearted, full of sweeping natural beauty, or cozy, taken at home with the cat. They’re a wonderful opportunity to document your love and also say something about who you are as a couple and what you value. The important thing to remember is that while all of these ideas – and many more – can produce dazzling results, each also presents unique challenges in terms of makeup and photography. Make sure you seek out the most skilled and experienced professionals to work with you on your engagement photo shoot.

Engagement makeup and photography

Wedding photographers sometimes include engagement photos in your overall package. If your wedding photographer doesn’t, or if you haven’t chosen one yet, you can find plenty of options on wedding websites or directories, through wedding planners in your area, or even through their page on Instagram! You can also get information from word of mouth, so ask a friend who’s recently had a wedding and / or engagement photos. More and more photographers are getting into the engagement shoot business, and you might get a deal with one who is just starting to make a name for themselves. You should still scrutinize their portfolio of images before making a decision, though, and you won’t go wrong with an experienced and respected veteran, either. Your hair and clothing will also influence the makeup application for your engagement session. Not only should it complement your hair and dress, it should also be an appropriate style–you will want a very different look if your engagement shoot features you in a swimsuit at the beach than you will if it takes place at a black-tie event. You also want your engagement makeup to fit with your setting: sunset beaches, windswept fields, snowy slopes, and trendy urban streets all give off a different vibe. Your makeup doesn’t have to match your surroundings, but you want a makeup look that feels like it belongs there. Makeup can do a lot to express the mood you want to capture in your engagement shoot. It can impart fun and flirty, dramatic, mysterious, romantic, and so much more. Look for an artist whose portfolio includes a variety of makeup looks, and especially those similar to what you hope to look like in your photos. And when you find an artist you want to work with in your area, book them in advance! The best engagement makeup artists fill their schedules quickly, especially during peak engagement or wedding season. Perhaps most importantly, select a makeup artist who is experienced doing makeup for photographs. Not everything that looks good in person translates to photographs…. A sparkly lip color, for example, can wreak havoc with a flash, and a heavy blush can look cartoonish in engagement photos. Depending on your location and lighting, you might also need more or less blush, powder, and so on. Knowing these kinds of details and tips are a big part of why you hire a makeup artist in the first place.

Choose a Location

You have plenty of options when it comes to where to hold your engagement photo shoot. Every couple has somewhere meaningful to them: the cafe where they met, the park where they walk the dogs, a place where they share a favorite sport or other activity. Some couples prefer engagement photos set against a natural landmark like a mountain or lake, while others prefer an engagement shoot at home. It’s all about where you’re happiest and what has meaning to both of you and your story. Since preparation is key to a successful shoot, let your makeup artist know this information as soon as you make your selection. Not only your makeup look but colors and other things will be influenced by your choice. Your makeup artist will need to pay attention to natural elements like moisture and well as the lighting conditions to plan a look that will last through the end of your photo shoot.

Personalize It

Of course, your engagement photo shoot should be all about you, and that includes hair and makeup services. Choose the colors, accessories, props, and more that will make your engagement photos that much more special. Next to your wedding day, your engagement is the most important day in your romance, and you want to look like a million bucks while feeling comfortable, surrounded by places and things that reflect your personality.

Putting It All Together

Having your makeup done for your engagement photos should be a fun and relaxing experience as well as a superior value that yields beautiful results. You want engagement photos that will make you smile for years to come, and confidence in you hair and makeup contributes to that. Choosing a versatile and experienced engagement photo makeup artist will allow you to put your worry over your looks aside and focus more on your partner and the wedding day that’s around the corner.