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Boudoir makeup is a French term that originally referred to a woman’s private sitting or dressing room but has come to be associated with private or intimate situations. A boudoir photo shoot, then, is something that captures clients in an intimate way. Boudoir photography shoots traditionally centered around women in sensual or proactive clothing, poses, and places – such as the bedroom. While women still make up a large percentage of the clientele for these photos, other people are also taking part in boudoir shoots, including men and couples.

Long Island Boudoir Makeup Services

There’s a lot of room for creativity in a boudoir shoot, though the style usually embraces intimate situations in the form of lingerie or partial nudity, bedroom scenes or other suggestive settings, and, in the case of couples, kissing or touching of an intimate nature. Beyond that, though, almost anything goes – and the same is true of hair and makeup, though experienced stylists and makeup artists are needed to achieve the intended look and have it photograph well.

Styles of Boudoir Photos

It can be difficult to separate boudoir into categories because there is so much variety possible, and what appeals to people is as individual as they are. A boudoir session can take place anywhere from a candlelit bedroom to somewhere completely unexpected, like a skate park. For that reason, they’ll be separated only into very broad categories here.


This style is characterized by high brightness, high contrast, and little shadow. High exposure can wash out some areas, which a makeup artist must keep in mind. Subjects posing for these kinds of photos must also make sure they understand that they can capture a lot of detail, so specialized services like hair removal might be desired. It’s essential to work with hair and makeup professionals who understand the effects of high-key lighting and can use it to their – and your – advantage.


This style is the opposite of high-key and probably what most imagine when they hear the term boudoir: soft, dark, and with an air of mystery. This kind of boudoir makeup presents its own challenges, as features need to stand out in low lighting. Again, you’ll want to work with makeup artists who will make you look your best in these conditions.

Pinup or Vintage

This is a playful and flirtatious style based on a variety of retro themes, costumes, props, and settings. For a pinup or vintage boudoir shoot, hair and makeup should be appropriate to the period, flattering to the subject, and designed to photograph well and work with the photographer’s lighting.

Bridal and Maternity

These shoots celebrate the intimate side of marriage and motherhood. The boudoir photographer might shoot the session in a studio or at a woman or couple’s home. They run the gamut from glam to muted, from bodyscapes to photos that focus more on the face or eyes. Hair and makeup for this kind of photoshoot should be customized with the model’s features, the set, lighting, costume and props, and the look the client desires in mind.


This service is becoming increasingly popular for couples who want a way to celebrate their love and record their intimacy and beauty. Makeup and hair are still important, even for men when getting in front of the camera.


The beauty of boudoir imagery is in its versatility. Shoots can take place in a home, a studio, or on the beach… The look can be glam, earthy, and natural, or anything in between, whatever the person or couple finds appealing and attractive. But if you’re getting in front of the camera, you want makeup and hair that looks its best.

Makeup for Boudoir Photo Shoots

Not only is makeup an important part of the boudoir experience in that it pampers the client and makes them feel beautiful and confident going into the session, hair, and makeup that are done to be photographed are essential to getting good results. Photography can not only be expensive, but it also produces a very long-lasting record of a person’s face, body, and look. A boudoir session can be an empowering and beautiful experience, but you will want hair and makeup that looks its best.   Different types of photography present different challenges, and your artist must take into account whether your shoot will utilize studio lighting or natural light, what the style and look will be, and how the makeup will flatter your individual face and features. When you invest in a set of boudoir photographs that will last a lifetime, make sure you’re working with makeup and hair professionals with the experience to help you shine. It’s also important to have hair and makeup done especially for the camera, because what looks great in real life doesn’t always look best on film! Call or email today to learn more about hair and makeup services for your boudoir photo shoot!