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The North Shore Long Island community of Port Jefferson is the Incorporated Village. It's located on Long Island's North Shore in Suffolk County. The town had 7,962 residents as of 2020. For dining and entertainment, Port Jefferson has many options. Its main street features a waterfront cafe and a theater. There are also a number of great restaurants in town. If you like art, consider the Muse Paintbar, which offers both painting and wine tastings. The Muse Paintbar is open 7 days per week. It's a great way to enjoy the day with family and friends. The Ransome Inn offers guests waterfront views and local art, history and culture.

Port Jefferson offers something for all ages, whether you are celebrating Fourth of July with your family or just enjoying quiet meals at the shore. The community is home to a lively Fourth of July parade and a summer outdoor concert series. During the Dickens Festival, the town hosts a screening of A Christmas Carol. Also, in the harborfront park, you'll find the Village Cup Regatta, which is a series of boat races.

The area around Port Jefferson used to be called Drowned Meadow in the late 1700s. But residents decided that the name should be changed after Thomas Jefferson (the first president of the United States). The village housed some of the largest and most important shipbuilding facilities in the world, surpassing Brooklyn's steel-age shipyard. Pirate's Cove was once an area in Port Jefferson that was used to produce cement.

Despite its location on Long Island, Port Jefferson remains a hidden gem for tourists. The town is located just 50 miles from New York City and has an interesting maritime history. Enjoy great food, theater, and festivals. Just remember that many attractions require advance reservations. Changing hours may also affect the availability of some attractions. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the historic Port Jefferson area in New York.

While you're in the village, visit the Mather House Museum and the Port Jefferson Historical Society. The Historical Society of Greater Port Jefferson is headquartered at this historic landmark. The Mather House Museum is also available for you to view historic tools used in shipbuilding. While there, you can browse the museum's shop or consignment shop. To learn more about the history of this town, visit the Mather House Museum.

Brick Hill is located west of the Lower Port Jefferson commercial district. It was originally developed by noted circus owner P. T. Barnum. Cedar Hill Cemetery is located at the summit of Cedar Hill. It is crossed by the Old Mill Creek Walkway. Barnum Avenue houses many Victorian-era homes. The Old Mill Creek Walkway and Port Jefferson Public Library are also located in this area. In addition to the historic buildings, Port Jefferson is home to a number of recreational facilities, including a beach, golf course, and a swimming pool.

The harbor is accessed through a dredged channel at the southwest end. The entrance is marked by a lighted whistle buoy. On the west side of the harbor, there are two stacks on Old Field Beach. The entrance markers are orange posts that point to the harbor. Rear markers consist of rectangles that are mounted on legs, painted red and striped with a 6-inch vertical black stripe. In 1981, a report noted that the lighted bell buoy was difficult to view from the breakwater.

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Driving Directions From Our Long Island Location, to Port Jefferson, NY

12 min (4.2 miles)
via NY-25A W
Fastest route, despite the usual traffic
300 Sutton Ct Mt Sinai, NY 11766

  • Head northwest on Sutton Ct toward Village Dr N - 0.1 mi
  • Turn right onto Village Dr N - 335 ft
  • Turn left at the 1st cross street onto NY-25A W
  • Pass by Mavis Discount Tire (on the left in 0.7 mi) - 1.5 mi
  • Slight right onto NY-25A W/Hallock Ave - 1.1 mi
  • Turn right onto NY-25A W/Main St - 1.4 mi
  • Port Jefferson
  • New York 11777

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