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It is not enough to simply make the models beautiful - a professional makeup artist should be able to discuss with the designer their wishes for the makeup, how it matches the style of the collection, how it will enhance the overall look, and how it will set trends beyond the runway.

Applying makeup and preparing models for the runway is only the beginning for a lead makeup artist at fashion shows. A fashion show is the culmination of a designer's dreams, and they have invested a great deal of time and money in the production. Runway shows are import events not just for the designer, though; models, stylists, and dozens of others are working hard behind the scenes to build their careers in the fashion and beauty industry. The entire community depends on makeup artists to complete runway looks and pull off a successful show.

What does he take to be a makeup artist in the fashion industry?


Backstage beauty at shows is a high-pressure, high-stakes affair. Behind every show is the artistic energy and labor of many people. Makeup efforts must be led by someone who can coach newer artists, understand and execute designer visions, and do it all on time--while working alongside other hair and beauty professionals. This balance comes after years of experience working shows, and there's no way to replicate it.


The best makeup artists know how to adapt their beauty techniques not only to the model they're working with, but to input from the design team, the collection itself, the mood and tone of the show, the brand personality, the lighting on the runway, and much more. Each model will have unique traits, and it's the artist's job to make sure that in spite of these differences, they look cohesive when they step into the limelight to represent the designer's brand.


Because of the volume of work, shows have a lot of hair and makeup professionals working together, and they must produce a cohesive and uniform look - it takes much more than one professional. An experienced artist with the right personality is essential to coach others and direct hair and makeup efforts. The show can only succeed when work is completed on time and without error. For that to happen, everyone working to prepare it must support each other.

Team Attitude

At fashion week or other runway events, makeup artists don't work alone. They are part of a large team of hair stylists, designers, assistants, workers assembling the runway, technicians setting up light and sound equipment, designers making last-minute adjustments, photographers, and many others. A makeup artist must be able to work as part of a team of many people to prepare models for the show. For the artist leading the effort, that can also mean demonstrating techniques so that the less experienced can copy them.

Industry Knowledge

Working a show at New York Fashion Week or a similar event is a singular experience, and artists must learn to navigate all the people they'll work alongside - people representing brands and agencies as well as the other beauty professionals. They understand the flow of action, what is expected, and how to do their part to make each and every show a success. A lot of what helps artists succeed at shows is gaining knowledge of the fashion and beauty world and the way things are done. One thing to remember, though, is solid beauty and makeup skills are still the foundation of the trade.

Makeup Lessons From Fashion Week

The fashion world is great place for makeup artists to gain experience. At events like New York Fashion Week or London Fashion Week, artists must be at the top of their game, and they must execute their services fast, flawlessly, and amid numerous distractions - backstage beauty isn't an endeavor for the faint of heart!

If you are hiring a makeup artist for fashion week or another New York show, that person will likely have a body of work and reputation that speaks for itself. To lead a makeup team, there's no better choice than an artist who has been working on the New York fashion scene for more than twenty years. Designers must make sure the makeup look in their show is appropriate to their vision and brand, suited to runway conditions, adapted to each individual model, and executed and ready to on time. A show can be major career step for a designer - don't leave the makeup style to chance.

If you're a person outside the fashion industry, you know your wedding, prom, photo shoot, or other event will be in good hands with artists who honed their craft during fashion week. These makeup artists have a proven record of perfection under pressure, tailoring their approach to complement designer visions and brand, working with models with a variety of features and skin types, and working as part of a team. They understand makeup trends and brands, and they know how to get a perfect, on point look in a small amount of time. They have extensive experience selecting the makeup brand best suited to each model, and a vast knowledge of brands in general. Your wedding or other event will be in excellent hands when you choose a former fashion week lead makeup artist.

This is your opportunity to work with one of the most experienced fashion makeup artists in New York in any situation where you wan to look fantastic.

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