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If there's a day when you want to look your absolute best, it's on your wedding day. Your hair and makeup look should not only be beautiful on the day you make your vows, but when preserved in photographs.

Like other aspects of a perfect wedding, careful planning can ensure your wedding makeup is exactly as you envisioned it. Professional wedding makeup artists also pledge a look that will remain beautiful through your ceremony, some tears, and plenty of dances. You don't want to have to worry about your wedding look smudging or fading away before the festivities end.

It's never too early to start thinking about the look you want to achieve on your wedding day or the beauty services that will make it possible.

What To Consider

Personal Style

Professionals know that your wedding day makeup should present the best version of you. It might not be the time for a radical change. You want to feel comfortable and like yourself in professional makeup that allows your natural beauty to shine through instead of covering it. Even if you want the royal treatment with false lashes, brow shaping, and airbrush makeup, choose a professional makeup artist who can execute the look without allowing the details to overwhelm you. Brides should look closely at portfolios when choosing stylists.

Wedding Style, Mood, or Theme

Because you will want your makeup to complement, not clash with, the overall style of your ceremony, seek out professionals with the knowledge and experience to make the most of the elements you've chosen. The possibilities are almost limitless, but some popular wedding themes include:

  • Vintage: If your dream wedding includes the aesthetics of a bygone era, you will want your wedding hair and makeup to be accurate and appropriate, while still flattering and photogenic.
  • Rustic : If you long for the charm of a country wedding, your makeup will not only need to be soft, simple, and beautiful, it will have to look its best in natural light and maybe hold up to the elements! Professionals will tell you that just because a look is simple doesn't mean it's easy to achieve.
  • Modern: If your preference is for bold colors and clean lines, your wedding makeup artist can produce a sleek look that mirrors your preferences.
  • Bohemian: Maybe you're a free spirit who finds romance in nature. Your wedding makeup look can be as whimsical as your ceremony while still being beautiful and on point.
  • Elegant: If you dream of a formal, traditional wedding, your hair and makeup will need to match the timeless beauty of your venue, ceremony, gown, and wedding party.

Your Wedding Hair and Gown

Hair and makeup should work together for a cohesive look, and both should complement your wedding dress. Let your beauty team know the particulars so they can help you achieve the best results. Every woman is looking for whole-package perfection: hair and makeup that looks like it was made for your dress.


When thinking about makeup services, it's important to consider the time of year when the wedding will be held. Beauty experts understand the effects factors like sun, humidity, heat, cold, dry air, and so on can have on a bride and her skin. Seasonal differences also affect which beauty products will last longest and look best. Wedding makeup services should work with the seasons and do an amazing job for you no matter what time of year you choose to get married.


Look for a makeup artist who has experience working in a variety of environments and understands the effect elements can have on makeup and hair. A wedding that takes place on a beach means the artist must account for sun, moisture, salt, wind, and more. A wedding held in a high-end hotel facility might seem like less of a challenge, but every venue has unique lighting, and to look its best on the big day and in photos later, makeup and hair must be styled with awareness of where events will be held. Geographic differences can also come into play.

The point is, a bride wants to feel secure and know she'll look her best regardless of when, where, and how she gets married, and she needs a makeup artist who can guarantee it.

Tips to Achieve Flawless Bridal Beauty

Every wedding planner knows that the secret to perfect events is to pay attention to every detail and leave nothing to chance. You certainly don't want to take a risk when it comes to your bridal makeup....

Plan Ahead

Your first step toward a perfect look is finding a perfect makeup artist. You won't want to wait, as award winning makeup artists fill their schedules quickly, especially during peak wedding season. Use weddingwire or another wedding services site to look for an artist in your area, or talk to your hair stylist, wedding consultant, or trusted friends for a recommendation. Then make contact as soon as you can - after you've set a date and selected a venue. You don't want to find the perfect artist only to learn they're already booked on the day of your wedding.

Schedule a Trial

This is an extra step that will make a big difference on your big day. Scheduling a trial with your wedding makeup artist allows you both to try different looks and experiment in a stress-free environment. Your makeup artist will not only get a sense of your style and color preferences, but your skin and how it reacts to various beauty products. The artist can try different technique and customize your look based on your favorites. It's also an opportunity to talk about your wedding dress, hairstyle, venue, themes, and the mood and feeling you want to convey. It's much easier for both you and your makeup artist to establish these details ahead of time than on the day of the wedding, when makeup services will be one of dozens of factors demanding your attention.

Every bride will rest easier knowing her makeup and hair will be just as she imagines them. Don't leave it to chance.

Choose the Right Products

One of the biggest advantages to working with a professional makeup artist is their knowledge of and access to professional beauty products. With its thousands of possibilities, navigating the beauty industry can be intimidating, and it's difficult to know what bridal makeup to choose for your wedding day, especially when you consider factors like lighting, weather, theme, and so on. Makeup artists are used to dealing with these variables, and they understand the beauty industry. They will be able to determine which makeup and skincare products will best suit your location, skin type, and preferences. Leaving it to the experts not only ensures the best results, it's one less thing a bride has to worry about. Experienced makeup artists will choose the best products for every aspect of your situation.

Leave Enough Time

Makeup artistry shouldn't be rushed. On your wedding day, you'll be busy leading up to the ceremony: getting dressed, making a trip to the hair salon, double-checking your menu and decorations. Wedding hair and makeup will take longer than your usual beauty routine. You want to leave ample time in the schedule for your makeup artist and hair stylist to do their best work. Brides sometimes worry that they'll be ready too far ahead of time, but stylists will tell you that almost never happens.

Don't Neglect the Bridal Party

The bride is the star of the show on her big day, but you'll want to have hair stylists and makeup artists on hand for your bridesmaids too. Keep in mind that makeup services for additional people will require additional time and schedule accordingly. Brides are not the only ones who will be immortalized in wedding photos and want makeup and hair looking its best.

The best way to ensure hair and makeup at weddings and other events is beautiful and frustration-free is to communicate early and thoroughly with stylists and artists. Help them understand the area where events will take place, the venue, the style or theme, and your goals. Leave time in your schedule for them to do their best work.

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